Tellurium Q Ultra Black II
Lautsprecher Kabel

3 Meter Stereo: 2400 €
Extra Meter Stereo: 690 €
Jumper Stereo Set: 275 €


Das Britische Magazin „HiFi and Music Source“ hat für die Tellurium Q – Ultra Black II Serie im Allgemeinen und für das Lautsprecherkabel im Speziellen den seltenen Award „Best-Ever“ vergeben. 

“Having inaugurated an awards season for 2022, it seemed appropriate to acknowledge some key pieces of HiFi equipment that have passed through HF&MS over the preceding nine years. There have been just three ‘Night and Day’ moments over this period. These experiences are usually unexpected and simply tangible, where you just think; ‘blimey, this is really really good!’

I was one of those who appreciated cables were important but I had no idea how profound the introduction of a medium to high-end cable could be and the Ultra Black II is by no means Tellurium Q’s best cable.”

Simon Wilce, HiFi and Music Source

Lautsprecherkabel Ultra Black II

Even taking in account all the awards that the old Ultra Black speaker cable won, this new version gives a whole new level of performance that is obvious from the first second of listening. Greater detail, more clarity, more organic but still sitting very firmly in the Black cable family.

The first few people to have heard the new cable were surprised to say the least.

Ultra Black

“Tellurium Q Ultra Black is the cable we wanted to make from day one. We told our UK distributor what to expect as we handed them a prototype that looked more like a fireman’s hose and less like a sonic phenomena. They glanced at the heavy, stiff and it has to be said ugly brown experiment. “Yes, well we will give it a go and take it to a few dealers to see what they think”. Later that day we get a phone call from our disbelieving UK distributors at Kog Audio, “what the hell is in it? We’ve never heard anything like this!”.

They took it on trust that the production version would be incredibly thin and flexible by comparison and look a whole lot better. So Kog Audio put in an advance order that day without needing to see or hear the production model because, in their words, “if it is even quarter as good as the prototype it will blow people away”.

We think that the production version sounds better than the prototype.

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that the Blue Diamond and Ultra Black were the same cable with different printing but when you plug the Ultra Black into your system there is absolutely no doubt that the Ultra Black is in a totally different league.”

Image HiFi

The Tellurium Q Ultra Black cables achieve component status: that is to say, before changing any of your system’s components you should audition these cables first”

Christian Bayer, Image


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