Tellurium Q Silver Diamond
Lautsprecher Kabel

3 Meter Stereo: 7000 €
Extra Meter Stereo: 2200 €
Jumper Stereo Set: 650 €



Einbrenn CD – Bei Silver Diamond, Black Diamond und Ultra Silver im Lieferumfang enthalten


Loudspeaker Cable of the Year 2016 – Tellurium Q Silver Diamond

What makes Tellurium Q so dificult to review is not what makes it perfect for an award. The TQ team play their cards close to their chest, and categorically refuse to discuss almost anything about the cables in terms of design, metallurgy (although we know the incidence of both silver and diamonds in this cable is relatively limited), or construction – not out of secrecy, but rather that it’s looking at a cable in the wholly wrong way. Instead, they focus on Silver Diamond’s ability to act as less of a lter than most cables, and that this performance is particularly well suited toward high-end systems. When th cables are used in that context, asserts Alan Sircom, “Silver Diamond is extraordinarly transparent, satisfyingly open, full-bodied, with an awesome bass, and extremely sweet and smooth across the midrange.”

Tone Audio hat für drei Kabel aus der Silver Diamond Serie den Preis „Product of the Year“ verliehen

Wir freuen und vor allem über die Kommentare die mit den Auszeichnungen einhergehen:

„Should you be a cable skeptic, this is the one to try. The results are not subtle, with no change in tonality or balance. Just more music everywhere is the word. The Silver Diamond cables impart less of a sonic signature than so many other, so much more expensive cables we’ve tried. Every cable skeptic we know has been bowled over by the Silver Diamond cables.“
Tone Audio, Awards Edition

And the actual review that the award came from: „If you’re looking for a major jump in your system’s performance, I’d suggest buying a pair of these instead of considering a hardware upgrade. Before you write this advice off to cable delusion, expectation bias, or the recent Mercury retrograde phase, please take note: I have never said this in TONE’s 11-year history.

Dreifacher Stereo Times „Most Wanted Award 2016“ für Tellurium Q

Das US Magazin „Stereo Times“ hat wie bereits im Jahre 2015, auch für das Jahr 2016 gleich mehrere Produkte von Tellurium Q prämiert.
Aus der Silver Diamond Serie erhielten das Lautsprecherkabel, das Interconnect-, sowie das Netzkabel die Auszeichnung „Most Wanted“.

Der Redakteur Clement Perry bemerkte dazu

Following the famed Soundkaos Wave 40 loudspeakers into my humble abode, the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond series cables possess a vibrancy, air and depth that proved exhilerating. In Greg Voth’s system, he noted a „purity, resolve and ease far beyond those cables afforded by my budget.“ I couldn’t agree more.

Wenn Sie bisher noch nicht die Gelegenheit hatten die Silver Diamond Serie zu hören, hoffen wir dass 2017 das Jahr sein wird, in dem Sie sich selbst davon überzeugen können was alle Tester an dem Kabelsatz in so angenehme Aufregung versetzt hat!




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